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  • NettyR1234
    Rowville, Australia7 contributions
    Aaron was super knowledgeable and missed his calling as a comedian. We had a great afternoon and found out so much more about Coober Pedy. Personal tour of his claim. Bubbles at sunset at the Breakaways lookout.
    Written 21 May 2022
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  • Romayne D
    1 contribution
    I had misgivings about Coober Pedy, but I made the Ghan stop - the only one to get off on a Started with misgivings but I made the Ghan stop. 36 carriages, 2 engines,360 ppl. Only I got off. Wayne agreed to pick me up. He did.
    The next two days were AMAZING, thanks to Wayne.
    A long-time resident he is a fantastic guide and person. Exceptionally knowledgeable on places and people,he took me on the Coober Pedy City tour and then the Breakaways,stopping at the longest fence in the world, the Dog Fence.I was blown away with history, pioneering spirit and the beauty of the place.
    On the second day we took the long road to Lake Eyre, Australia's largest lake, through Anna Creek Station, Australia's largest cattle farm arriving at Williams Creek, Australia's smallest town, with a population of one! Its the only thing small in a place where all is vast and immesurable.
    There Wayne prevailed on Trevor of Wright's, to take me over the Lake, to where there was still water. We flew over the salt pans, the bubbling springs and the lake with its islands - stunning blue water,white salt pans and red desert. Then we went to the Painted Hills where we landed. I've got no words to describe the shifting colours and beauty of the undulating landscape of yellow, brown, orche...Timeless beauty, ineffable peace, silence with only the wind to keep things cool.
    Returning, Wayne had a surprise.He took me to Lake Caddibarrawirracanna (hope that's right, Wayne), the longest name of a place in Australia! A place of beauty and peace.
    THANK YOU Wayne. Loved every moment. For those with misgivings of stopping at Coober Pedy, don't let people put you off. They are all wrong. Just let Wayne of Arid show you how exquisite and unique the place is...
    Written 27 November 2019
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  • gummer99
    Sydney, Australia88 contributions
    Good location and popular spot, make sure you book ahead
    Facilities are clean but a bit dated
    Some small things let the place down:
    * 20c for a 3 minute shower ok I understand but when the coin machine broke- arghh!!
    * a long walk to the bbq, and then one not working and no lights
    * No soap at the basin in the toilets for 2 days ( don’t think they check)
    * tours not running
    Good point is the place has water available even if it’s extra cost
    Written 5 May 2022
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  • DGJ77
    Melbourne, Australia7 contributions
    We loved this tour! Jason is so knowledgeable and shares his first hand experiences as an opal miner. We could have listened to him for hours - he was so interesting to listen to. It is a great tour and well worth the price. Very highly recommended.
    Written 12 July 2021
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  • Darryl C
    Brisbane, Australia39 contributions
    The mail run with Peter Rowe was awesome! It was a long, and very interesting day. 13 hours of travelling and stopping. Met several of the Williams family, bought a hat, and saw Tony's fossils. The trip was filled with interesting anecdotes and local knowledge. Finally had an awesome diner at William Creek Bar! What a day. Highlight of the trip to CB.
    Written 21 June 2021
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  • michellemargaret2016
    Ballarat, Australia1 contribution
    I have seen great reviews how much please for a family of 4 and a extra Adults please full day tour to see every thing to see mines tunnels dug outs ect. Thanks
    Written 17 March 2016
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  • Wales_Solo_traveller
    Penarth, UK1 611 contributions
    I took this tour as I did not have a car and wanted to see as much as possible of Coober Pedy. I think it was good value - there were 14 people in each of the two buses. I had contacted two other tour operators but they both said they were not running tours on that day because of lack of demand - I would suggest it is lack of supply as there was clearly demand.

    I was not sorry that I ended up with the Stuart Range tour. They picked me up from my motel and took me to the Stuart Big 4 camp site which is where the tour started from, and they drove me back after.

    It was very interesting - we saw the bizarre golf course, the inside of a dug out being built, an opal mine/museum which has a display underground home as well as a short film giving the history of opal mining in Coober Pedy, a drive across the 11 mile opal fields, into the Breakaways hills, and ending up at the Serbian Underground church. All fascinating if it is your first time to Coober Pedy.

    Our guide Todd has not been in the town that long, but he knew his stuff and was able to answer all questions. I really enjoyed my afternoon - if I had hired a car I would not have been allowed by the car hire company to take it off bitumen/tar roads, and much of this tour was on dirt road, so it is a good thing to do if you are visiting the town
    Written 6 August 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • David B
    Bruce, Australia899 contributions
    My wife and I booked Desert Cave Tour via the Oasis Caravan Park. This was a wonderful choice.

    We were met in reception by Jimmy, a Greek expat who has lived in Coober Pedy for 57 years, mining on and off, never successfully. He began by giving a good deal of overview information on both himself and the town.

    He took us in a Toyota Bus. We started in town passing Boot Hill on the way to the underground Serbian Church. It was stunning. We continued to a working mine and an underground house. It was fabulous. They paint a clear lacquer on the walls and ceiling so there is no dust. Summer and winter temperatures are about 22 to 24 degrees. Ventilation is natural using two or more pipes to the surface. You do need a back up torch in case of a power failure.

    Jimmy then took us through an old mine were we saw traces of opal and we took a break for a cuppa in an opal shop.

    The trip then changed pace. We visited the golf course. The greens are black. You rake them flat after use. The road goes across some fairways. Check for golfers (and balls) first.

    After the golf course we went to the workings. The bigger the pile of mullock, the more successful the mine. As opal is silica there is no way to detect it from the surface. It all comes down to luck.

    Beside the mullock heaps are holes. A good 1.5 metres in diameter and 30+ metres straight down. There are no fences so keep your eyes peeled and don’t walk backwards. Only holders of a miners licence are allowed into the areas.

    Our next stop was in the Breakaways National Park. This was a small version of monument valley with high mesas of various colours. There was a good amount of cumulus cloud so the colours were constantly changing.

    We continued on to the dingo fence. It is the longest fence in the world and is still maintained. No dingos were in evidence though.

    Then Jimmy pulled a surprise. He stopped for wine and cheese on the moon. The vista was flat and liberally supplied with hard shiny rocks. This whole area has been used for a large number of movies and docks. The wine delicious and the range of quality cheese was excellent.

    Jimmy then took us on the Oodnadatta road back to the Underground Hotel where we walked through their underground museum to the underground bar where were given another glass of wine.

    This tour turned around our view of Coober Pedy. We are very glad we stopped as it proved to be a real highlight. If you pass through you would do well to seek it out.
    Written 22 August 2020
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Velai P
    51 contributions
    A great way of viewing if you don't have sufficient time to visit all the places and also getting the history of Coober Pedy was just inspiring.
    Written 11 July 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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