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Monemvasia Fortress Monemvasia
#1 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
A fantastic trip into a labyrinth of narrow streets and stairs, old paths winding till the hilltop, gorgeous remains of fortifications, stunning views: all the beauty of Venetian Malvasia castle waits for great sp...
Monemvasía is everything and more, it gathers the amazing ancient ruins, good place to do some light hiking, an historical fortress built at a perfect geopolitical spot, incredible views and a deep blue water.
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Epidaurus Theater Epidavros
#2 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
Amazing theatre one of the best we have seen in our travels, definitely take a climb to the top for photos, the rest of the site is also very interesting the columns and other parts of the site are being restored.
A real pleasure for your eyes, if you are a fun of archeological sites, situated in a very nice nature, calme,serene,an amazing ancient Amphittheatre in the eternel present; in your mind you hear soft sphere music...
33 Ways to experience it
Ancient Messini Messini
#3 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
This is well worth the detour to get here, you will be humbled by the magnificence of this huge site, the quality of the stadium and gymnasium with the backdrop will take your breath away, enjoy!
The archaeological site is really great with a beautifully preserved ancient theater, impressive ancient stadium and fortified walls of the ancient city.
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Moni Osiou Patapiou Loutraki
#4 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
steep road, hairpins, and climbing many steps lead to amazing views, and amazing energy at the cave and chapel, deep connections with love, compassion, healing and consolation; very kind hospitable and understandi...
You'll be rewarded with the most amazing view (you can see two seas, Aegean and Ionian) and very polite and friendly nuns.
Agia Theodora Vastas
#5 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
Wow what a great site.
Archaeological Site of Mystras Mystras
#6 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
... We parked at the higher gate and walked to the castle on the summit at 650 meters and a fantastic view of the planes Our 9 year old liked this bit best as it as more exciting and less churches I loved the clim...
A break from the ancient, mythological history for which Greece is most famous, the Archaeological Site of Mystras is a wonderful exploration of the Byzantine and the Ottoman.
4 Ways to experience it
Mystras Sparta
#7 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
Amazing trip back in history, the place is fantastic with stunning views of the mountains and the city of Sparta, the byzantine churches are really beautiful.
The site is truly wonderful: the remains of the Byzantine town are well preserved enough as to give you a realistic glimpse of what it must have been in its heydays, and its structure makes you think of "Arabian n...
7 Ways to experience it
Lion Gate Mycenae
#8 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
It seems even more impressive than one could have imagined, it's really big from my point of view (and maybe compared to the archeologic sites I have been visiting during all my life) and it is really incredible i...
Although, the site is about an ancient civilization, the easier is to identify it with Homer story of Agamemnon ~ the legendary War of Troy leader.
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Agia Sofia Church Monemvasia
#9 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
A challenging and steep, rocky walk up but worth every minute for the admirable restoration and spectacular scenic views over the lower town, ocean and surrounding mountains.
It takes you back to another world !! The frescos and mosaics are amazing !! And the view from up there is breathtaking!!!️️️
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Moni Agiou Ioanni Prodromou Stemnitsa
#10 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
The hike to the monastery is relatively easy and you will be rewarded with stunning views of the gorge and the living history.
The monastery is near to Stemnitsa village, you drive down to a road with many turns around 10 kms..In the begging of the path you can park the car and enjoy the view of the gorge!
Monastery Panagias Elonis Leonidio
#11 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
There are two reasons for me to visit this wonderful place!!the main reason is the religion mood from this unique monastery that is builted inside the rocks and then the spectacular view from above!!!!if you visit...
It's incredible to see it built into the mountain and the views are breathtaking.
Temple of Apollo Epikourios Skliros
#12 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
Stunning views across the countryside Beautiful example of the classic temple to Apollo with a few interesting idiosyncrasies Plenty of information in English to explain the history and restoration project Unfortu...
The monument itself is overwhelming, the view of the mountains is breathtaking.... the restoration project is very interesting from many sides, engineering, archaeological, art etc. Very well hosting from the staf...
Palamidi Castle Nafplio
#13 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
The hill has been occupied with forts since the early AD days, and has seen a variety of additions made by different conquering empires (Romans, Moors, Ottomans etc) Stunning views, amazing historical involvement...
Visting Palamidi castle while you are in Nafplio is always a wonderful idea!!!it's really a charming place (if you are into castles/fortresses) with more than amazing views of both Nafplio and the beautiful area a...
10 Ways to experience it
Lighthouse Melagavi (Iraion) Loutraki
#14 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
It is a very nice location , with perfect sea view , a lot if pine trees in the surrounding area , recommended for a walk , although it has some limited down and uphill walking , it is a must to visit
Lighthouse and archaeological site, great but small beach and fantastic view .
Nauplion Promenade Nafplio
#15 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
A beautifully kept, visual feast of a place, complete with interesting shops, exceptional restaurants, access to hallowed antiquity sites (Agamemnon the Trojan War hero, how much more hallowed can you get?) and wa...
The Sea is a Beautiful Colour and very clean and one can sit in one of the several cafes and dream away with Picturesque Breathtaking views.
3 Ways to experience it
Methoni Castle Methoni
#16 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
The best medieval castle in Europe The history, the sympathetic restoration makes this site quite remarkable Make sure you visit the site extremes in both directions
The castle is impressive, the views are fabulous, the town of Methoni is beautiful, spotlessly clean with lovely tree lined streets.
Archaeological Site Mycenae Mycenae
#17 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
Considered the Acropolis of Mycenae, the archaeological site at Mycenae houses some impressive ancient landmarks including excavated tombs and the famous Lion Gate, all of which are worth seeing.
... which is superbly decorated, the clay figurines used for different rituals, the remains of frescoes that decorated the wealthier homes, and the impressive gold jewellery that was found in the ancient sites.
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Church of Christ in Chains (Christos Elkomenos) Monemvasia
#18 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
A very interesting church well kept interesting history and nice atmosphere with nice icons and also beautiful view the outside.
The walk up to the church and the square around it are quite lovely as is the view from the precipice.
Temple of Apollo Corinth
#19 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
The Temple of Apollo at Corinth is stunning for it's place in history and it's commanding views across the Gulf of Corinth.
A must for history lovers from classical to religion a great site and museum with cafes local to the site
15 Ways to experience it
Archaeological Museum of Corinth Corinth
#20 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
The museum houses a large collection of artefacts of the local archaeological site and also some of the smaller sites within the neighbouring, surrounding areas.
The museum has just undergone a full refurb and looks fantastic is included in entrance of site go early or Ate to avoid crowds on the tour buses
Citadel and Treasury of Atreus Mycenae
#21 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
The history of this place is fascinating and the Tomb of Agamemnon is only one, of a number of tombs, found in the vicinity of the ancient site of Mycenae, although it is the best preserved.
This Treasury of Atreus is separate of archeological sites (before them) and is a special one, because of special architecture.
13 Ways to experience it
Niokastro: Pylos Castle Pylos
#22 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
Its a huge castle mixed with different civilizations architecture, it is in great condition and has museums and amazing view, very beautiful church and a lot of green and blue.
The new fortress in Pylos is a well organized site, including the castle, 3 museums, one church, and wonderful view on all the coasts, harbour and sea.
2 Ways to experience it
Corinth Canal Corinth
#23 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
Such a place to visit and see amazing view of the canal .. Corinth canal the most narrowest canal in the world linking Corinth bay & Sarotin Bay in the middle of Greece ; the length of the canal is 6 km & avery im...
Great views from the bridge above provides some excellent photographic opportunities.
57 Ways to experience it
The Old Watermill Kyparissia
#24 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
The on-site shop sells locally made Greek delicacies and some adorable items to take home.
Ancient Nemea Nemea
#25 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
There are three interesting parts to a visit here which are included in the entrance price of €6: • The fascinating museum • The Temple of Zeus site • The stadium The museum is full of interesting artifacts that h...
You can see the Temple of Zeus from a distance and it’s just a lovely view against the hills, olive groves, and cyprus trees.
5 Ways to experience it
Koroni Castle Koroni
#26 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
The architecture is stunning and well worth a visit, as well as the impressive views from the castle ramparts.
Travel tip: C´Visit the castle late afternoon and enjoy the sunset from the castle or from one of the local fishrestaurants with stunning sea view.
Shipwreck Dimitrios Gytheio
#27 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
It is well worth a visit to stop off if you are ever in the area of Gytheio Greece, Either way, the Dimitrios makes a striking landmark along this shoreline, where swimmers and sunbathers gather on golden sands.
It is a quite impressive views both from the cliff when reaching the beach from the south and also from the beach
Ancient Messini Stadium Messini
#28 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
The site is massive, consisting of the gymnasium, theatre, market place and temple all set against spectacular scenery.
Surrounded by columns, an ancient well and with a view on the mausoleum and surrounding mountains.
The Holy Monastery of the Philosopher Dimitsana
#29 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
The drive is through beautiful nature and as you climb the winding road towardsthe monastery you can admire beautiful views.
The hanging monastery on the other side of the gorge (which is shown in some of the photos on this site) is also worth a visit.
The Church of Agioi Apostoloi Kalamata
#30 of 173 Sights & Landmarks in Peloponnese
It's a beautiful historic church and the site of the meeting that led to the Greek revolution and Greek independence.
We had seen the monasteries already and this was a smaller version of those sites but beautifully preserved they knew how to build.
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