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Kaisariani Monastery (Kessariani)
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Agion Theodoron Church
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Mount Eros Hydra
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Profitis Ilias Monastery Hydra
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Agios Nektarios Monastery
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Poros port
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Philopappos Hill
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Panathenaic Way
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Ancient Agora of Athens
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Temple of Athena Nike
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Parthenon Athens
#1 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
Everyone should have the privilege of visiting this amazing & breathtaking monument including the exceptional Acropolis Museum build above the ancient city, a site that leaves you in awe of it's surroundings.
Amazing experience am glad i have the chance yo see this incredible place...its quiet a easy walk up...its worth it when you get to the top amazing view...
72 Ways to experience it
Acropolis Athens
#2 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
WOW WOW WOW Superb worth every penny and step to het to the top superb 360 panoramic views across the city Very informative information boards Great opportunities for some excellent photography
All along the shoulders of the Acropolis are amazing sites to view...take your time and soak it all in...Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus, Temple of Athena Nike, the sacred olive tree, Sto...
184 Ways to experience it
Plaka Athens
#3 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
The plaka is an amazing district that stretches for miles, includes many old historical homes, winding streets that are filled with wonderful cafe's and bistro's, a wealth of history with many historical sites, ch...
- Very aesthetic - Awesome view of the acropolis - Great for shopping - Great for promenades, at any time - Perfect for lunch/dinner/tea/whatever involves eating or drinking, with a beautiful view of the city - Ma...
79 Ways to experience it
Temple of Hephaestus Athens
#4 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
Be sure to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Ancient Agora site and just a short stroll from the Temple and within the Agora site is the Stoa of Attalos which contains museum pieces from the ancient sites.
Unmissable with its view over the Agora, this temple is one of the best preserved of its kind from the 5th Century BC and well worth the short climb up the hill.
19 Ways to experience it
Erechtheion Athens
#5 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
What an amazing site, the details on the rock are so real, this is one of my favorite site in Athens just in front of the Acropolis, just a moment in heaven when you’re in the middle of this historic sites !!
Although 4 of the original maiden columns may be seen in the fabulous Acropolis Museum below, the copies allow one to see on site this magnificent structure from the 5th Century BC's Golden Age of Athens.
43 Ways to experience it
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre Kallithea
#6 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
Beautiful new Opera House and Library, outstanding modern architecture, beautiful landscaped gardens, terrific views of Athens and the port to the Peloponnese.
Enjoy the magnificent top view of the Athens city from the harbor to the Acropolis and walk through the olive trees, elements of great symbolism in Greece, being considered a sacred tree which symbolize peace and...
5 Ways to experience it
Herod Atticus Odeon Athens
#7 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
A must see in athens, preferably during the festival period, but even if you cant afford a ticket, a walk with some opera on the background and with the breathtaking views of Acropolis and the odeon of Herodes Att...
The place usually hosts the best performances of music ,theater,dance etc.If you visit Athens try to attend a performance by visiting the site greekfestival.gr .
37 Ways to experience it
Anafiotika Athens
#8 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
However, the well-preserved homes, the Byzantine churches, scenic views, and cutest fat lazy cats all make it well worth the effort!
This quiet and picturesque miniature district is within easy walking distance of all major sights and offers peace and quiet from the tourist tat of Plaka.
10 Ways to experience it
Temple of Poseidon Sounio
#9 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
A rugged clifftop with views of a stunning coastline, flanked on three sides by the boundless blue of the Aegean is the perfect spot to worship Poseidon, god of the sea.
We passed many beach towns along the way and had a wonderful tour guide that provided information along the drive and then a tour at the site, as well as plenty of free time to wander and get the perfect sunset ph...
60 Ways to experience it
Kaisariani Monastery (Kessariani) Kaisariani
#10 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
After a small walk there is an area with two more old churches built on an ancient temple and a breathtaking view of Athens, Pireus and the islands.
lovely place hidden in the hills nearby Athens - only 20 min by car There are some hiking paths and nice view spots
Temple of Aphaia Aegina
#11 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
The ruins are well preserved and in a beautiful setting overlooking the Saronic Gulf, Admission to the site was free on the day we visited (6th March) Aphaia was a local Goddess of fertility and agriculture and th...
What a surprise the Temple of Aphaia is It is huge and you can get a great insight into its importance and the way it was built The museum attached is brilliant Give yourself a couple of hours Enjoy the view from...
3 Ways to experience it
Philopappos Hill Athens
#12 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
This area is the best for the most amazing views of the Acropolis, and it is here you can get the best photos of the Parthenon and the surrounding areas, including almost the whole of the city of Athens.
The location is great to relax and watch the sunset with a great view of Athens as well as a great view of the Acropolis as the sun goes down and the lights turn on around the base of the Parthenon.
17 Ways to experience it
Open Air Cinema THISION Athens
#13 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
It's a magnificent cinema with one of the greatest views in the world .it is located under akropolis and it's near all bars and cafés in thesio so you can continue your entertainment if you wish!
Great theater with english language movies.. watch a movie under the stars and with a view of the Parthenon!
Mount Lycabettus Athens
#14 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
Great walk, terrific view and many routes to take en route down through Kolonaki where there are lots of good cafes, fashionable Athenians, and a great store called Carpo - nuts, chocolates, and terrific granol/en...
All around the church are fantastic views of Athens as this is the highest point in the city you can see everything for miles it's great for orientating yourself or just taking in the wonderful views.
38 Ways to experience it
Temple of Athena Nike Athens
#15 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
super little temple on the Acropolis you cant get too close up but from a far it is a real gem perched on the top of the Acropolis stunning views of athens
another building on top of the hill with the Acropolis, the temple is perhaps in the best condition and has a wonderful view of Athens, learn about the origins of the olive tree next to the temple, again a guided...
46 Ways to experience it
Giorgos Karaiskakis Stadium Piraeus
#16 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
Perfect view from all the gates .
Saints Constantine and Helen Orthodox Metropolitan Church Glyfada
#17 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
It is a monument in the village of Glyfada and structurally it is a view to admire.
Popped in to view the church whilst walking into town.
Ancient Agora of Athens Athens
#18 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
Lots of history, great ruins, a restored stoa a nearly intact preserved ancient temple, great view of the acropolis and lots of places to take a break in the shade.
Located in Adrianou (Plaka) , It was a religious center, this historical site has an enorm charm, and it is amazing to have a drink on an near by cafe, in this great atmosphere, overlooking the columns and the rui...
51 Ways to experience it
Panathenaic Stadium Athens
#19 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
Well worth the entry fee (€5 which includes very informative audio guide), wander through the structure enjoying the stories of its past and also view the large collection of historical Olympic torches and posters.
Sit in the royal family's seats, climb to the top of the stadium - it is recommended to do this towards the end of your tour for the best views of the city: jog/ run on the track, learn its history & admire the be...
112 Ways to experience it
Agios Nektarios Monastery Aegina
#20 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
We went to monastery first and then took the stone paved path down to church, admiring the wonderful gardens with an abundance of flowering plants and also the view is breathtaking.
Lots of interesting things on site and it's across the street from the Paleochora which is a group of tiny very ancient churches set on a hillside which you can walk around.
1 Way to experience it
Areopagus Athens
#21 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
It lies in your path if you approach from Monastiraki or either the Roman or Ancient Agora. it offers amazing views of the Acropolis towering above it and the city of Athens below.
The hill is very uneven (please take care) but the views are outstanding, with a unique perspective on the Acropolis and a 'telephoto' view of what Can be seen from above.
26 Ways to experience it
Church of Kapnikarea Athens
#22 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
It's on the edge of the Plaka, and makes for a convenient landmark.
Well worth a donation to view.
3 Ways to experience it
Church of Saint Nicholas Piraeus
#23 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
We love this church cause the priests are great people and then cause the architecture is beautiful, there s great sea view.
One of the landmarks of Piraeus worth visiting!
1 Way to experience it
Venetian Castle Kythira
#24 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
Well worth a visit this fabulous Venetian fortress offers stupendous views over the surrounding area.
The most spectacular views on the island, with a bird's eye view over the old post of Capsali, the "egg", and Andikythera on the horizon.
The Academy of Athens Athens
#25 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
What makes this landmark great is it gives you a visual of how ancient buildings would have looked like...the columns, pediments, the sphinx, statues, et al.
One of the major landmarks of the city is the main building of the Academy, designed as a part of architectural trilogy, along with the University building and the National Library.
47 Ways to experience it
Lake Vouliagmeni Vouliagmeni
#26 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
Lovely peaceful spot for swimming and relaxing Have a day off from site seeing in Athens or the bustle of Glyfada Swim all year round in the lake in a beautiful setting
The surroundings were stunning, the lake refreshing and the sun beds perfect for a bit of R&R after a few days of walking around the city sites.
17 Ways to experience it
Pnyx Athens
#27 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
The Pnyx is a restful, crowd-free broad expanse of hills and stone ruins and is a walk through history and time, offering great views of the Acropolis, Mt.
We had a romantic picnic here with an amazing view of Athens, sunset is the best time of day to see the Parthenon bathed in the golden light.
10 Ways to experience it
Theater of Dionysus Athens
#28 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
... (Acropolis of Athens, Ancient Agora of Athens, Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos, Archaeological Site of Lykeion, Hadrian's Library, Kerameikos, Museum of the Ancient Agora, North slope of Acropolis, Olympie...
I bought a 5 day, 7 ancient sights ticket (The Acropolis, The Theatre of Dionysus, The Temple of Zeus, Ancient Agora, Kerameikos, Roman Agora and Hadrian's Library) all for 30 Euros (well worth it).
32 Ways to experience it
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Athens
#29 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
This memorial to Greece's unknown soldier is very close to Syntagma Square (Constitution Square)...so after you view the tomb and the formal changing of the guards...head across Amalias Avenue to the square and in...
One of the landmarks in the city, the area is THE focal point for set-offs to various attractions.
44 Ways to experience it
Clock Tower Poros
#30 of 236 Sights & Landmarks in Attica
For beautiful sunsets and magnificent, panoramic views of Poros, do climb the steps to get to the Tower that overlooks the bay.
Excellent spot with a spectacular view to the bays of Poros and Galatas.
1 Way to experience it