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Lewis Morris Park

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Morristown, NJ5 727 contributions
May 2020
COVID-19 has taught me to appreciate all our county parks either small or large and to enjoy the beauty you can find within them. This past weekend Lewis Morris Park partially reopened with restrictions, so when you go out practice safe distancing and wear a mask as we did when walking the trails and enjoy what nature has to offer.
Written 11 May 2020
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New York City, NY901 contributions
Jul 2019 • Family
We been coming to this park for years and have never seen a bear. We hike the trails that sometimes are not clearly marked. Get a map. There is a nice lake to swim in for a fee same as the paddle boats. Fishing is free just not from the sandy beach. Bring your own food. They need a concession stand with hot dogs.
Written 26 July 2019
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Morris Plains, NJ110 contributions
Nov 2018 • Friends
Hilly hiking, a nice swimming lake, many picnic areas, some mountain cycling in a near to Morristown package. But it's part of the County Park System that boasts all very good to excellent sites and suffers some from the lack of vistas.
Written 13 November 2018
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Chatham, NJ1 contribution
Aug 2018 • Family
They promote on their web site paddle boats...however, they fail to mention, kids need to be 14 years old to use the paddle boat (unless with someone aged 18.) We paid the $28 in cash, and no one ever told us about the age 14 requirement at this time. When the kids proceeded to the dock to get a boat, they were told, "sorry, you're too young." Then the park refused to issue a refund!!! I even called the Director of Parks and Guest Services office to let her know, and they just gave me the run-around until I gave-up.

Also, they make the kids take swimming test. My group of 4 all passed, yet were required to wear lifejackets...so what's the point of a swim test, if the kids are required to wear life jackets...

They were understaffed, and staff were not friendly.
More importantly, the water was a lovey brown color and filled with leaves (in August!!)

Finally, everything, and I do mean, everything...is ADDITIONAL $$$$...
This place is horrible. They trick people to come and try the boats, and then don't offer a refund...(so where's my cash?? we paid for a service that was not provided!)

Would recommend skipping this place. There are better options...(Try Essex County Park and Turtle Back Zoo and paddle boats...)
Written 28 August 2018
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Staten Island, NY3 contributions
Aug 2018 • Family
Beautiful place, did not see any bears. Went twice, was told there were no snakes there, but saw one at Lewis Morris park and one at the National Historic Park. One was a copperhead and the other a timber snake. I like snakes, but you have to watch your step and bring a hiking stick. There are lots of turtles at sunrise lake beach club
Written 20 August 2018
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Jeury C
1 contribution
May 2018 • Family
Sunrise Lake Beach Club is terrible! We paid $14 to sit down for 10 minutes. When we went to look at the water there was algae and bugs everywhere. There was geese poop on the edges of the grass. When we went to ask for a refund the manager refused giving the bogus reason of “people come here to sun bathe too”. Unless you want to pay $7 a person to sun bathe on fake sand, stay away.
Written 26 May 2018
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Olga Z
120 contributions
Nov 2017 • Business
the doggie park is closed now, here is a direction to go to other park, but it is inconvenient . Wish they post a sign on the main roads to safe a trip
Written 6 December 2017
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Morristown, NJ68 contributions
Jun 2017 • Couples
Lovely county park with a small lake for swimming for a fee, three softball fields, a kiddy park with all sorts of play structures, and a fenced-in dog run. You find many paths to walk, most are paved or covered with gravel over the hilly terrain as well as mountain bike trails.
Written 10 November 2017
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New Brunswick, NJ26 contributions
Sep 2017
This park is amazing, but... the trails are not properly marked in all places. And there are bear there sometimes, which have threatened visitors.

*** Getting Lost:

I could almost guarantee that eventually you will get lost or be very confused if you go far enough in certain sections.

Why? Because...

1) some key trail sections are not marked at all and they are active connecting trails!

2) some key trail sections are not on the official County map!

3) the internet has many map sites that have old or incorrect or incomplete trails. So if you re viewing a map from any other site than the Morris County Park site, you will get lost.

4) even if you are using the Morris County Park map, you will get lost because it is missing a few active connecting trails it should be showing.

4) the colors of some connecting orange trails look like red on the trees, which is completely misleading, so you will get confused. (Why can't they buy a true orange paint. Why are they using a very red-ish orange that looks like red?)

5) some orange connecting trails use a tiny black square in the middle. This will confuse people. (Why the complexity? If you run out of colors to pick, just use a different shape like a circle or triangle instead. Keep it simple please.)

6) the trails overlap in many places, which makes those places confusing

7) the dot system of marking trails is confusing for beginners

8) the park is huge and there are many intersections making it confusing

Compare the above with nearby Jockey Hollow park, which has a map at each intersection that shows them where they are.

*** People often stop to ask me for directions because they are lost.

I particularly feel sorry for people lost at the far end of the park when it's late and getting dark. I imagine them trying to find their way back out of the maze and trying to read the map in the dark and the confusing trail markings and getting totally lost and going in circles going up and down the steep hills.

I always carry a current map, and it took a long long time to really understand the layout perfectly because I had to draw-in corrections and missing sections.


Normally, you'll almost never never ever see a bear. But I know a few people that have run into them at Lewis Morris.

You don't want to get lost going in circles late in the day when a bear would typically come out to look for food. He might think you are competing with it.

Some people carry "canned air" boat horns to scare the bear away. Unfortunately, bear get used to air horns and won't be scared later.

Some people carry pepper spray. NJ law does not allow you to carry the officially recommended true bear spray, which is a big can that works from far away. But NJ does allow non-felon adults to carry a personal 0.75 oz. container, which you can get at Pep Boys and other stores (but not by mail). It's very very very small container about the size of your thumb, but at least it's something to deter a bear as a last resort if it's in your face.

Bear attacks are very very rare but they do happen. And yes a bear can become completely aggressive. In 2014 a Rutgers student hiking with 4 with friends in West Milford NJ (33 miles north of Lewis Morris Park) was fatally attacked.

I have recently seen bear in parks very close and think to myself, what if it happens to me next. No thanks to our state representatives that recently have been letting the bear population get so dispersed and so big that sightings are becoming more and more common and they are becoming more and more a nuisance and threat. Dangerous animals need to be controlled and kept away from people who are not allowed a means to protect themselves.

If you see a bear that seems to be following and tracking you, experts say that you have to be extra careful. It's obviously being aggressive if it does that. So don't run like a prey, which may actually make it attack you. Instead, stay with your friends, stand your ground, make noise, and let it know you are not prey. Start yelling at it at a firm medium pitch and volume. Then back away slowly. If it charges, it might be just bluffing. But if it attacks, fight it. Hit it in the face. Don't play dead. Sorry if all this scares you but the times are a changing and quickly regarding bear in NJ. Better safe than sorry.
Written 25 September 2017
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Philadelphia, PA176 contributions
Aug 2017 • Couples
We stopped here on a whim, to stretch our legs and expected a nice walk--very surprised at the quality of the trails for walkers, mountain bikers and families. There's even a small lake/beach to enjoy (small fee, we didn't go swimming). Could spend all day here, roaming the trails. We did get a park map in the lake area. Although we are pretty good with our trail maps and a compass, we found the trails could use a little update on the blazes. Other than that, we loved it here. The locals are very, very lucky to have this park!
Written 21 August 2017
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