Douglas Lakeview Stables

Douglas Lakeview Stables, Sevierville: Hours, Address, Douglas Lakeview Stables Reviews: 3.5/5

Douglas Lakeview Stables
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
At Douglas Lakeview you’ll experience the smoky Mountains like never before. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been horseback riding or if you’re an experienced rider, our wonderful trail rides are for you – you’ll be amazed at the breathtaking mountain views, lush greenery and serene waters of douglas Lake. Douglas Lake View Stables offers trail riding through scenic Smoky Mountain tours from one to four hours; longer tours are available if you call ahead. Horseback riding in the smoky Mountains at Douglas Lake View Stables is fun for couples or the entire family! Check out our horseback rates, we always have specials and watch for even better deals we strive to make our services affordable for everyone. We offer group discounts and even large family discounts. Guaranteed Best and Lowest Price In the Smokys!
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233 reviews
Very good

Greene Animal O
1 contribution
Oct 2020
The LadywiththeHuskies always brought her VOLUNTEERS here, we had a great time, everytime! However, I did learn their was a problem with the owner's health...I suspect he is DEAD and no one has taken over the property....but YES, this was the most fabulous place in town & so was the owner! We cannot control life and/or heart attacks and/or best to the owner who treated us so well for 15 years.......Mary Murray-Vitrano, LadywiththeHuskies & GREENE ANIMAL LEAGUE.ORG
YOU could NEVER replace the owner, at his best!!!
Written 22 September 2021
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Michelle C
1 contribution
Out of business!!!
Mar 2018 • Business
Dibt know what happened. Bought off Groupon. Went last year and the kids enjoyed it. This year no answer on the phone or nothing. Website didn't work last year so no surprise when it disnt work this time. Anyhow, tried to call no answer. Went ahead and drove out there anyhow during business hours. The gate was locked. Walked up to the office and a clear sign by looking in the windows that they were not longer in business. Either way there was no sight saying so. My daughter was in the car goofing the olace and found a review somewhere that said they had closed "weeks ago" from whom ever those people git ahold of. I did get a frmefund from Groupon. You have to have them call you back. Kinda a weird way to get ahold of them but needless to say I should be refunded.
Written 20 March 2018
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Dandridge, TN10 contributions
No response, no trail ride and no refund
Feb 2018 • Couples
Purchased what I thought was a deal through Groupon. Wow, what a mistake! Tried for over a month to make a reservation with Douglas Lakeview Stables, but every time I called (which was several times a week) all I got was voicemail; never, ever received a call back (I recorded three of the messages I left just to have some proof of what was going on). When you try and go to DLS's website, you get an error message that the page cannot be reached- sever ip address cannot be found. To make matters worse, when you try to contact customer support at Groupon, the page just reloads. It doesn't let you contact ANYBODY: Period! So... no trail ride for the wife and I (it was "supposed" to be a birthday present (she always wanted to ride a horse)) and no way to get a refund. Plus, I can see reviews on Groupon for DLS, but I can't find any way to actually leave a review to warn others about my experience (somethings just not right with this whole deal). Hopefully this review on TripAdvisor will keep a few people from losing their money. NOTE: I had to pick a date for our "visit" (which never happened), as well as a few other questions that had to be answered before I could leave a review here. But, as I stated before... no one returned my calls from DLS, no ride and no refund. Ain't life great....
Written 23 February 2018
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Orange Park, FL15 contributions
Not your average commercialized horseback riding experience
Dec 2017
We like to go horseback riding at pretty much all of our travel destinations. Since most farms/ranches are located in the countryside, it's a great way to see the local area and natural environment. If you are looking to get away from the commercialized feel of a lot of the riding experiences, then this is the place for you. I grew up on a large farm and had horses. This experience reminded me of when I'd invite a friend or neighbor over and we'd go riding. Nothing fancy, no frills, just a simple quiet ride. The rugged terrain was interesting and varied. The trail included some steep areas, some open areas and some places where the trail was very narrow through the trees. While you could clearly see where the trail was, it still provided a feel that you were exploring through the wooded mountains. The horses were very well behaved and everyone in our group found them very easy to work with. Although the terrain may look a bit challenging for a beginner, if they just held on and let the horse do everything, I think they would be just fine. Our guide was rather quiet, but very pleasant. Instead of the typical small talk or conversations to engage the group or provide historical information on the area or what types of trees and animals we might see, she simply led the group along the trail and periodically looked back to make sure everyone was okay and kept going. It was a quiet, peaceful and enjoyable ride. If you are looking for exciting entertainment then you might be rather bored with this ride. However, if you are looking for something that's a bit more realistic to farm life or just a simple quiet ride in the country to be one with nature, then this is the place to come. It doesn't have the least bit of touristy feel.
Written 4 January 2018
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Tampa, FL1 contribution
Dec 2017 • Family
Where should I begin? I’ve seen some of the reviews on this place and the better reviews come from those that have not riding before so to them the condition of this place is “rustic” and outdoorsy.... Not the case! The place is absolutely disgusting. And I don’t mean that lightly. I rarely write a bad review on a small business because I always give them the benefit of the doubt. The stables are kept in cruel conditions. All of our horses were dirty and their manes were filled of grass and other debris. The saddles were worn and dirty. We’ve done over a dozen horseback rides all throughout TN and NC and this one is by a mile the worst we’ve ever experienced.
Written 3 January 2018
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Robertsdale, AL6 contributions
Nov 2017 • Couples
My husband and I called ahead to make our reservation and the girl on the phone sounded really nice and put us down for the ride the following day. I saw on Groupon where they had a coupon for half off so I mentioned the coupon to her and she said they would honor it without us purchasing it through Groupon. There were also great reviews on Groupon for Douglas Lakeview Stables so I thought we were getting a great deal.
Upon arrival I called ahead about 30 minutes to let her know we were on the way. Sadly, I already had an eerie feeling coming up the drive way. There was trash everywhere and I could see the horses, being kept in a small pin behind the barn, standing in nothing but mud. When we pulled up and got out of the car we were greeted by a sweet dog that came from the front office where the door was wide open. I walked up and noticed that no one was there. The light was off and there was dog urine and feces on the concrete floor. I yelled for someone and stood there for a few minutes to wait and see if anyone would walk up. I looked over at my husband and told him I was waiting for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre to pop out of nowhere. It was that bad!
I've read that many people saw the horses firsthand and how badly they were taken care of. I would have cried had I seen them up close and personal because horses are my favorite. It was very disappointing, but we left quickly after we saw the conditions of this place. Please do not give them your money and I hope someone investigates them for animal cruelty!
Written 6 November 2017
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Kyle H
2 contributions
Oct 2017 • Family
Very friendly staff but the ride was very disappointing. The path was steep for horses to climb, you can barely see Douglas lake from the trail, no views only brush and trees along the trail. You walk very slowly on a nondescript trail then turn around and come back the same way you went up. It also would have been nice for the trash seen along the way to have been picked up prior to the ride. We will definitely choose another place to ride on our next horseback riding adventure. I would not recommend Douglas Lakeview Stables.
Written 15 October 2017
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Newberry, FL1 contribution
Douglas Lakeview Stables
Aug 2017 • Friends
I'm not one to normally leave reviews for places, but after reading some of the other reviews here, written by people who have obviously never stepped outside of air conditioning in their entire life and probably get into car accidents on a weekly basis and blame the road; I thought I should say something.

I grew up around horses, my Grandparents had them when I was a child and my sister and I also used to spend a lot of time down at the race track stables. Due to moving to a different home/state, I hadn't been ridding in about fourteen years. My sister and I decided to visit Douglas Lakeview Stables while we were on our vacation together in Tennessee and I'm really glad we did. Pulling up to the stables, if you know what an authentic, working horse, stables/farm looks like, I don't think you'll be surprised. However, if you are looking for triple crown, billionaire, horse racing stables, or prop stables used for movie sets, you're not going to find that here. Brianna (hopefully I'm remembering her name correctly) was the girl working the front desk when we came and she was very friendly in welcoming us and taking care of our payment before the ride.

My sister and I actually ended up being the only two people on our trail ride, which was a first for them this summer. Our trail guide's name was Brandon and he was very personable and fun to be around, I'd highly recommend anyone to be a part of his riding group if you get the chance . He was great about giving instructions on certain parts of the trail when needed to make sure our ride went smoothly and without any problems and kept us laughing the rest of the time with all his stories. I really liked the trail we went on, it was moderately challenging for the horses, with some winding paths going up and down hills. Our trail led us out to a beautiful lake where our guide was kind enough to take a photo for us using our camera.

Most tourist, commercial, "horse riding" tours are on circular, flat ground, and pretty much made to make you feel like you're riding a grown up version of the pony rides at the zoo. I'm sure this place has many different kinds of trails, as they have a large piece of property, so they probably have something like that available if that is what you need...but if you are looking for something that actually feels like what riding a horse should feel like, this is the place to go.

My sister's horse was named Cinder and my horse was named Star (I believe my horse was a Fox Trotter or that's what she looked like to me anyway), both had a very gentle demeanor and were very well trained on their neck reining; very responsive to whatever you asked them to do. My only regret with this place was that I didn't bring enough extra cash with me to give our guide a better tip than what I did, he certainly deserved it. Overall, this was a great experience and if you actually want to be around real horses, real stables, and go on a real horse ride, you've found your destination.
Written 2 September 2017
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10 contributions
That Was So Much Fun - What A Blast!
Aug 2017 • Family
When I called to reserve the one hour ride for our family of four I found that service was very courteous, friendly, and helpful. It was a short drive through the back roads and when we arrived we met Emily who was to be our lead rider. Staff taught us the ropes and we were on our way. Emily made sure that everyone was fine going up and down the hills. She showed us the lake and the amazing scenery. Thanks Emily! For those thinking whether they should go, the answers is definitely yes.
Written 20 August 2017
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Jamie M
Grand Rapids, MI8 contributions
This place is not what they advertise and they dont honor their word!!
Aug 2017 • Family
We went to the stables last sunday. Our appt was for 10 am but when we arrived he had us down for 11. He managed to get us on the 10 am ride but it was mostly just sitting there while our guidebtried ro calm a terrified 4 yr old ridin by himself. I still dont understand why he wasnt riding with his dad or the guide. My horse wouldnt move. She only wanted to stand in 1 place and kick her hoves. My husband and. I were left behind until my daughter spoke up to let her know we were far behind the group. When we got back the gentleman who anwsers the phones knew we had a bad ride and gave us a 50%off coupon to come back. We were happy we would at least be able to try it again but when i called the next day to set something up I was super dissapointed. Before mentioning the coupon I asked prices for the ride we were interested in and was told $50 per person I then told him we had a 50%off card and he said "oh that is the 50% off price" I asked him again to make sure I understood right and I did. 50 is the normal price and he told me it was the 50% off price SCAM SCAM SCAM!! THIS PLACE IS NOT WORTH IT AND THE INCLINED MUD TRAILS SUCKED! we will not be back and will choose one of the many other great stables in the area next time!!
Written 11 August 2017
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