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Moscow Metro
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Neighbourhood: Tverskoy
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  • Teatralnaya • 3 min walk
  • Okhotny Ryad • 3 min walk
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Zurich, Switzerland976 contributions
Most beautiful metro
Sep 2021
The Moscow metro is famous, and there is a reason:many stations are very beautifully designed, so is worth to stop and admire the design. I did the circle tour and stopped at several stations which were all very beautiful. Highly recommended when you visit the city!
Written 21 September 2021
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Алексей Горбунов
Moscow, Russia5 contributions
Aug 2021
Visited the place recently. It seems highly outdated. Needs a lot to be repaired. Never go there again.
Written 1 September 2021
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Julia K
Santa Clara, CA104 contributions
Completely another world!
Jul 2020
Moscow's metro is like completely another world! I was not expecting to see such beauty underground and was very surprised to know they even organize tours. If you have a chance to go there, go ahead without any single doubt.
Written 10 June 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Murmansk, Russia21 284 contributions
My 17 most beautiful stations of the Moscow metro. Out of 230.
Apr 2021
The Moscow Metro and the state agency Rosturizm have prepared a rating of the 10 most beautiful and interesting metro stations in Moscow. As the French say: there is no dispute about tastes and colors. According to officials, tourists should definitely see it. It's not a trivial task to inspect them, so I'll tell you what you can't miss. 1. Mayakovskaya station (1938) -. mosaic of the famous artist of the USSR Alexander Deineka on the theme "Day of the land of the Soviets". The design of the station in the Art Deco style was awarded the Grand Prix of the World's Fair in New York in 1938. You can do this trick. Shove a 2 ruble coin on the guide of the steel arch and disperse it against the law of universal gravity, so that it pops out opposite. It turns out for some. 2. "Revolution Square" (1938). 76 bronze figures in niches made in the Leningrad workshop of artistic casting under the direction of M. G. Manizer. Rub the nose of a border guard dog — and your wish will certainly come true. Noses are polished to a shine by millions of hands. 3. "Kropotkinskaya" (1935). Laconic design awarded the Grand Prix of the exhibition in Paris (1937) and Brussels (1958). I wouldn't waste any time.
4. "Novoslobodskaya" (1952) - The stained glass windows of the artist Pavel Korin and the mosaic panel "World Peace" are undoubtedly worthy of attention.5. "Arbatskaya" of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line (1953). Moscow Baroque: bouquets of flowers made of ceramics, bronze chandeliers. 6. "Komsomolskaya" of the Ring Line (1953). The busiest station in Moscow mestro because of the three railway stations. The project of the outstanding architect Alexey Shchusev. The station's decoration is dedicated to the theme of Russia's struggle against foreign invaders and the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Tourists can not advertise it, everyone knows about it initially from the guidebooks. 7. "Oktyabrskaya" of the Ring Line (1950).
The station's decoration is dedicated to the theme "The Triumph of the victory over Nazism in the Great Patriotic War". with corresponding bas-reliefs 8. "Vorobyovy gory" (1959). The longest in the Moscow metro. 284 meters. It was built according to a unique project. The station tracks and platform are located on the lower tier of the metro bridge. Design in a modern style. I would have missed it.
9. "Victory Park" (2003) is the deepest in the Moscow Metro. It consists of two parallel marble halls decorated with murals by the favorite artist of the Moscow Mayor's Office, Zurab Tsereteli. Look at his ugly monument near the new Tretyakov Gallery and answer the question whether you still want to look at Tsereteli. 10. "Slavyansky Bulvar" ( 2008). The design plays up the theme of " boulevard»: benches with decorative lanterns, wrought-iron grilles with floral ornaments in the Russian Art Nouveau style. So instead of Kropotkinskaya, Victory Park and Vorobyovy Gory, I would recommend the following stations. Mendeleevskaya-lamps in the form of atomic lattices of chemical elements in honor of Mendeleev. Kievskaya (Ring Line) - colorful panels and mosaics in honor of the Russian-Ukrain friendship. Dostoevskaya-stylization of Dostoevsky's novels with his portrait on the transition. Rimskaya (Roman) station (1995). The only station designed by foreign architects Andrea Cuatrocchi and Giampaolo Imbrigi. A short-cropped Madonna with a large breast and a baby, and opposite the Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verità) from the church of Santa Maria Cosmedin in Rome. Savelovskaya station (2018). The most stylish. Black and white.Better to visit late in the evening to take cool photos. And, of course, that's not all. Teatralnaya (Theater sq), Novokuznetskaya, Taganskaya, Aviamotornaya, Elektrozavodskaya. There are 230 Moscow Metro stations to choose from.
Written 5 May 2021
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Mina V
Novi Sad, Serbia25 contributions
Nov 2020 • Couples
Every station tells a different story. It is mesmerizing what people built so long ago, and it still looks intact. We were in love with every single station. This is a must-see!
Written 5 May 2021
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Belgrade, Serbia10 701 contributions
World's biggest and cheapest underground museum complex - TIPS for visit
Apr 2021
Although this was my 4th time in Russian capital, every time I'm there I'm thrilled and repeatingly overwhelmed with its metro.
For its residents who got used to it it's probably an ordinary mean of transportation.
For any visitor to Moscow it should be very high on his list to do.
Apart from being the fastest and cheapest transportation option, it's a feast for eyes - many stations are art jewels. Their corridors, arches, chandeliers, paintings, mosaics, sculptures,...etc are such many museums can envy them.
Further, the whole system is amazingly clean - from the entry hall, down the escalators over the stations to trains. Again, many worldwide metropolis can envy on that. You'll see no beggars, junkies, homeless, no graffiti, no inappropriate behavior.
What I specially like as a history buff - they didn't turn back and rename or demolish their Socialist legacy. You'll still see proletariat paroles, motives from field and factory labor, achievements in many fields, Lenin along with sickle and hammer symbols,...etc.
- The single ticket costs 60 Rub (less than 70 Euro cents) and is valid as long as you're down under. There're also other card options with multi tickets reducing the price to under 0,50 Euros.
- When down there's absolutely NO need to rush. Take your time to admire the stations. Running for the train makes absolutely no sense - the next is coming in max 2-3 min
- for taking best pics avoid morning and afternoon rush hours. Midday and specially evenings are great
- all stations have noticeable police and security presence - I've never felt unsafe,
- List of beautiful stations I'd advise to visit (list is NOT in order of beauty, but random): Mayakovskaya, Novokuznetskaya, Park Pobedy, Kiyevskaya, Arbatskaya, Ploschad Revolucii, Komsomolskaya, Prospekt Mira, Novoslobodskaya,....
- Remember, if you see a station you like while riding, go out and check it, as the next train is in 2 min as I said.
Written 5 May 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Moscow, Russia12 427 contributions
Barbie in Moscow Metro
Jan 2021
Going through the Sparrow Hills.
That's the name of a metro station. A unique metro station - it's located on a bridge. Moreover, for the latest 10 years it serves as an exhibition hall.
So, I look out of the window - what's that familiar girl in pink there on the platform?
Oh, come on, it's the Barbie doll!
And she is not just a doll, she is a train driver!
Year 2021 makes quite a difference for the Moscow metro.
So far there are 12 female train drivers, next year there may be more!
And they are very, very orderly.
So please, mind the doors :))
Written 28 January 2021
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Bishoy Fayez
Hurghada, Egypt133 contributions
Good transportation
Jan 2021 • Solo
For first time I go to Moscow I went to metro station it was at winter and a lot of snow it was very good and clean and fast at the specific time
Written 14 January 2021
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Tullimbar, Australia267 contributions
Miniature Museums
Feb 2020 • Family
When in Moscow try to travel around by train.
On my 1st trip there in 2014 all the announcements via the train intercom were in Russian.
This last time it was accompanied in English.

Each of the stations is located deep underground. The platforms are very Soviet era. With gold & crystal chandeliers, huge hammer & sickle tiles murals, brass ornaments & bright lighting.

On my 1st visit was taken aback by the presence of armed Police with machine guns patrolling the platforms & trains.

In fact a lot of public places had such a high Police presence. O soon got used to seeing them around.

But back to the Metro. My kids having played video games where the Moscow Metro was depicted found that it looked quite similar to the game. Barring the zombies, marauding gangs & nuclear blasts.

But have a look, it is well worth the train ride around Moscow.
You can also save a lot of money & time by using the Metro to go to & from the airports into Moscow.

Only a few $$ compared to the exorbitant fees if a taxi or hire car.
Written 7 January 2021
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Athens, Greece421 contributions
Dec 2020 • Solo
It is not easy time but metro keeps high standards of service. Security is in place, very clean, fantastic timings between trains. Really good installation, and extremely helpful
Written 27 December 2020
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