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Marlow6 contributions
No access on foot boat only
Jun 2021 • Friends
So looking forward to getting on this beach. There is no access on foot. The stairs were broken by an earthquake and floods. Very bad that the Greeks haven’t cordoned it off. You think you can get there but there’s a sheer drop of about 10 metres from the cliff to the beach. Hire a boat and visit safely !
Written 27 July 2021
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Torquay11 contributions
Don't try it on foot
Jun 2018 • Couples
This beach is beautiful and gets 5 stars for that, but it is very dangerous now to try this on foot, so it's 1 star for access. As reviews have pointed out, the stairs were destroyed in 2014. For some time after that there may have been some stability in the rocks and some stairs remaining, you can see evidence that people have tried to keep some access going, but by June 2018 everything has crumbled and the way down is mostly over loose shingle and rock and even around some ominous looking larger rocks. We did try it, but half way scrambling down we realised that it is further than you think. Also the ground was rolling and falling away from under us in places and there is a real risk you could dislodge larger rocks. We really regretted trying it so turned around half way and it is very difficult to get back up. There is a real risk of injury, maybe serious injury, and you are on your own. I would really recommend not trying this on foot and definitely not if you do not like heights.
Written 15 March 2019
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Kerry T
Dereham, UK67 contributions
Jul 2018 • Family
We didn’t read the reviews properly, we saw the pics and thought that’s where we’re going today. Due to a local road closure it actually took us over an hour to get there, very windy and steep mountainous roads (admittedly there’s a gorgeous viewing area near the top where you can see the most rolling up the mountainside) - but then only to find the road to the beach ends abruptly and the pedestrian access has been destroyed (by the 2014 earthquake apparently) and access is physically impossible. Was rather scary, don’t ignore the road closed sign at the turn off from the main road!

Thankfully, we managed to turn around in the gravel and then drove to Lagidaki beach which has a road, car park and is soooo beautiful. Made the stressful drive (almost) worth it (although it would’ve only taken twenty mins from where we were staying to get to this beach!)

Learn from our uneducated experience! Ha ha.
Written 20 July 2018
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Constantza81 contributions
The most beautiful and secluded beach on the island of Kefalonia
Jun 2018 • Couples
Platia Ammos is an amazing beach, but the road which leads it remains still close. The stairs going down to the beach were totally destroyed during the earthquake from 2014 and they were not repaired. There is no other possible access to the beach, so this beautiful beach remains close.
You can still approach the upper side top of the beach following the unpaved road ( severely damaged on some areas) for an amazing view.
Written 18 June 2018
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Andreas K
Athens, Greece20 contributions
just magic
Sep 2017 • Friends
A view to paradise.
Wild and beautiful.
North West Kefalonia.
Close to Petani beach.
View from Kipouria Monaster.
You can go there only by boat...
Written 3 March 2018
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London, UK815 contributions
Broken steps
Sep 2017 • Solo
I really wanted to see Platia Ammos during my last trip to Kefalonia. I thought it looked heavenly on photos. Unfortunately after eventually getting to a point where I could start my walk downhill I came across a couple heading my way saying the steps were broken! I'm not a hiker/climber, I'm a standard holiday maker wearing bikini & flip flops so sadly I had to give it a miss. It still looked amazing from the cliff so next time I'll be prepared better.
Written 2 October 2017
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Milan B
Belgrade, Serbia152 contributions
Exciting and scarying beach!
Aug 2016 • Couples
We were on Kefalonia first time in the year 2010. and than we tryied to see as much as it was possible! Before we travelled we had looked for more and more information about Kefalonia . Than we decided to must see beaches Myrtos, Platia Ammos and Antisamos. And we did it!
Platia Ammos is big beach with 325 ( and more!! ) steps from the motorway on the top to the water on the botom. Whole comlex looks like very long, strong vertical roks wall with hard blue water in lover part. Waching to do the sea you can see very blue and very blue water!! Bad think was that steps were not quite safe. They were partly brooken. Because of low elevation - and courved construction of the way you have to go between 300 and 500 meters to the water. It takes more than 10 minutes. When we finaly arrived to the water we were a little scared - stone walls, no phone signal, less than 20 tourists and very, very helpless position in the event of eartquake! But swimming in the sea on that beach is unforgetable! Adrenalin was so high and we enyoyed 5 hours!!. In the opposit way we spent more than 20 minutes to get to the top of Platia Ammos complex!
We were on Kefalonia two time and second time we again made exursion to Platia Ammos.
We travelled so muche and we were on meny beaches in diferent countries. But, finally I want to say that Myrtos, Platia Ammos on Kefalonia and Navagio on Zakynthos are the most beautiful and more exciting!!
Written 9 July 2017
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Zana S
3 contributions
Pure heaven!
Sep 2016 • Couples
My boyfriend and I visited Platia Ammos last year in September.
The earthquake destroyed most of the stairs, and that is what we saw first when we got to the top of the cliff: there were maybe only 30 steps left (and there used to be about 300 steps, carved on the cliff).
I was wearing sneakers, my boyfriend was wearing slippers. We both had a bag and a big towel around our necks.
We decided to give it a try :) Platia was just too inviting and gorgeous, and sooo quiet with nobody down there..
So, we took the first steps, which was pretty easy because we were climbing down the existing stairs, the first 30 of them. Then we climbed down the metal ladders, which got us to a small and flat area from where we could see just how deep we'll be climbing down. It is pretty high, (or deep), and the cliff is slippery, with a lot of small pebbles to mess with your step.
We took it step by step. I think the key is to observe closely and to make rational judgment call about your next step. We checked the stability of big and heavy rocks that came on our way and used them to ensure balance. Roots of the plants can be useful as well, because they are pretty handy to grab on to (of course I am talking about those massive roots, not a tiny ones).
Most of our trip we did on our feet, but I have to say that when we got to the middle of the cliff, we had to do one part on our buts :) It was steep and slippery, so the safest way to do it was to just sit and climb down in a sitting position. After one hour, we climbed down to the big rocks in the shoal, and voila! We were there :)
There are just no words that could describe what we saw, felt and experienced down there, so I am not going to try. You have to be there to feel it.
For those of you who are adventurists enough to try, I would strongly advise not to go down there with slippers. Although my boyfriend did manage to do it wearing slippers, he would definitely not repeat it this year :) Wear sneakers or something that will be stable enough. Bring food and water, because there is nothing down there, not even a phone signal :) Other than that, if you are fit and have a bit of experience in hiking, mountain climbing, and nature exploring, you can do it :)
Oh, and climbing up was waaay easier. It looks kind of scary when you look at the cliff that you are about to climb, but when you take the first step you just focus and stop thinking and worrying. We climbed up in 15 minutes and we were soooo high of adrenaline and accomplishment. Unforgettable experience.
We are going again this year, and we honestly hope that the the stairs are not fixed :)
Written 6 March 2017
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Greenport, NY61 contributions
survivor for a day
Jul 2016
it was a fun day , first we got very late, then we had kids (don't , neveeeeeer)
the place is fantastic .for 1-3 days camping because of the stairs (I don't remember how many) you have to be very organize so , before you get down there be sure you have all you might need.unless you have a volunteer in your party ...
Written 27 October 2016
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Ljubljana, Slovenia84 contributions
Very natural and beautiful but almost unreachable by foot
Aug 2016 • Couples
So, because of very various comment's there, while someone's claim that the access to the beach is possible and others that is not, we decided to take a closer look.

And to be honest, it is impossible to reach the beach with slippers, because that could be pretty dangerous while like 200 of stairs are missing, as a consequence of the earthquake.

I checked the terrain (scree) with sneakers equipped, but then I decided not to go down, because I wasn't equipped well and also the mentioned scree would be to too difficult for my girlfriend.

So my advice is: if you are often going to the mountains, and you will bring mountain shoes and helmet, then you won't have problems to reach, also for going back, otherwise please do not go down, because it is easy to slip. The length of broken stairs is around 200 meters, so you can fall very deep.

Anyway, it is one of the nicest places to see in a Kefalonia, not far away from Lixouri, during my visit also few others came to take a look, and it is really a shame that they do not repair stairs and the road.

I added few pictures for a better view of a situation.
Written 12 September 2016
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