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“Despite having booked more legroom, I felt like I was folded” 19/02/2018

“I hope for you, no Adria flight it will be cancelled...” 17/02/2018

“OK with free food” 21/02/2018

“excellent service” 20/02/2018

“Good to Excellent, Depending on the Plane” 21/02/2018

“Really efficient. ” 21/02/2018

“A solid alternative carrier that avoids the crush at Faro” 11/09/2017

“Quick flight route from Lisbon (Cascais) to Southern Portugal” 07/09/2017

“Fast flight and Great landing!!!” 21/02/2018

“11th row on B737 has no ability to recline” 21/02/2018

“Dumped at a different airport than our destination.” 31/01/2018

“The worst customer service ever!” 19/12/2017

“Be Aware!! --> Delayed Flights” 22/06/2017

“good enough” 21/02/2018

“buenos aires a misiones iguazzu.” 21/02/2018

“Aeromar - gracias a dios!!!” 13/02/2018

“Ahead on time and comfortable” 08/02/2018

“Non-stop Austin to Mexico City” 21/02/2018

“Thanks for remind what an top airline offers” 20/02/2018

“flying very high air” 16/02/2018

“Pretty well never on time.” 13/12/2017

“Flight Delay” 03/12/2017


“Bad online system” 08/02/2018

“Decent” 22/01/2018

“It was ok.” 16/02/2018

“Don't do it if you can avoid it!” 14/02/2018

“Not the best or the worst” 12/02/2018

“Not the most reliable airline” 30/01/2018

“Very good” 19/02/2018

“On time, and even early” 19/02/2018

“Disappointed” 20/02/2018

“Short Flight” 19/02/2018

“Good price only” 21/02/2018

“on schedule” 21/02/2018

“Awsome service” 19/02/2018

“Short flight” 18/02/2018

“Air Asia from Gold Coast” 21/02/2018

“Not the best in-flight experience” 20/02/2018