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“Awesome flight” 27/06/2017

“Everything we hoped for and more!” 27/06/2017

“Full-price airline that utilizes no-frills approach” 26/06/2017

“Dream flight” 26/06/2017

“Unexpectedly good” 27/06/2017

“A fly to Crete” 27/06/2017

“Surprisingly Comfortable” 27/06/2017

“Disappointed” 27/06/2017

“Small is beautiful!” 17/05/2017

“Spacious sits, ontime, kind personnell” 27/06/2017

“Connection Convenience” 26/06/2017

“Be Aware!! --> Delayed Flights” 22/06/2017

“Direct flight amazing ” 19/06/2017

“Nice experience” 14/06/2017

“Good service” 03/06/2017

“No respect for the passenger.” 12/03/2017

“New service from Tucson to Guadalajara!” 26/06/2017

“Prop Planes” 26/06/2017

“Great nonstop to Cancun from KC” 27/06/2017

“Between Toronto and Mexico City, Aeromexico beats Air Canada Rouge hands down” 27/06/2017

“Quite a queer airline” 31/08/2016

“Almost as badly organized as TAP” 16/08/2016

“Excelent” 04/08/2016

“They absolutely worth their nick name "Air Cous Cous"” 24/06/2017

“Terrible” 25/05/2017

“TERRIBLE customer service.” 03/05/2017

“Safe airline” 31/03/2017

“Budget all the way” 26/06/2017

“PUNCTUAL” 26/06/2017

“Great services” 25/06/2017

“Great Flight, pity about their "Customer Help" staff” 19/06/2017

“Outstanding airline” 26/06/2017

“Air Austral - Feel like home” 19/06/2017